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So, as usual, having children gives most adults a free pass to fucking trash public places.

And this table is nothing compared to others. This table in particular, though, was worse than this picture could capture. I had to put on gloves to clean it because so much pre-chewed food and spilled condiments were smooshed into the seats and table I almost puked.

The worst part was, when the baby in the highchair threw that paper on the floor, the woman in the booth next to her says to the mom "Don't even reach down and pick that up! This is your time to be pampered!" Oh out comes the fucking mommy camaraderie in these situations. I can't believe any decent mother would look at that mess and sympathize with that women.

When the messy family left, I spent the remainder of my shift cleaning that table (I had to pull out the table and seats and everything) and ignored the table with the lady who chimed in about the mess. Next time you play cheerleader for a couple of self-absorbed, cunting parents, don't expect service from me.
I prefer talking to people via Blackberry messenger. Its not much different than texting but it feels more like instant message. Ugh, I miss having a computer. I thought not having one would strengthen my social skills. Guess not.
Ho-ly. Shit.

Guy breaks down over shitty service at McDonald's. He's:

1) Fat.
2) Impatient.
3) Careless of his surroundings (note the fucking four year old kid)
4) Dressed in sweatpants.

I'd call this the perfect storm. I love how every black person in this place is afraid of this guy.

America! Fuck Yeah!
I'm at the bar having an afterwork beer and I see this guy who only has one tooth in his upper mouth BUT that one tooth fits perfectly in the space on his bottom jaw where exaclty one tooth is missing. Its like a cruel puzzle piece.
I always think what are the odds of your teeth falling out in such a convenient way.
I hate when I buy something small like coffee or something and the cashier won't let me slide on one penny. Bitch actually gave me 99 cents back. I work with bartenders who use cash registers and they always defend that shit saying "oh well it really adds up!"

No it doesn't you asshat. What does it add up to? 18 cents at the end of your shift? Gah.
A coworker of mine waited on a woman and her young son yesterday and it turned out the woman didn't have nearly enough money to pay her bill. Most places will try to work with you, maybe taking off an entree to make it more affordable. That is if you're not a stupid twat about it. The woman began blaming everyone else out of embarassment and then began insisting that management comp her entire check because the waitress brought her a regular Coke instead of diet and it "made her sick." Managers eventually comped the bill because they didn't feel like hearing her bitch anymore.

Is this what customer service has come to? I can understand raising hell over buying a $3,000 tv and having it not work or bitching about bad service. But complaining about not having money to pay for goods and services, blaming the company for it and then refusing to pay for a meal based on a beverage error is pathetic and should be embarassing to the people who do it and the people with them.

Its almost always women, too. They think they're shifty and smarter than the establishment and it fucking ASTOUNDS me how many of them come back many times and pull the same shit like we don't remember them. We do remember all of you idiots and the cooks fart in your soup and rub eye boogers in your mashed potatoes. Bon appetite you snarky fucking pricks. I hope you all choke on a hot dog load.
Ahhhhhhh I can't get my shit together. I had to drop school this semester and decided to start in January. Why you ask? Because on average I make about $35 a DAY as a waitress. So I took the initiative and began applying for second jobs last month. One job I pursued strongly, calling everyday, speaking with different people, etc. Then I got a bit of info about what hours upper management worked so I bombarded them asking for a job. As I waited for a response a nice girl (smoking hot, huge tits) told me she had just got hired for the position I wanted. Some lady came out and told me to come in Friday for an interview. I was so excited but I had to give up a shift at Chili's to do that. So I did.

Aaaaand yesterday I get a fucking call that the girl they hired yesterday was the last of the hiring they were doing until Christmas and they canceled my interview that I had to give up a shift for. I hate everyone right now. Fuckers.

Aug. 21st, 2009


Darin's the human not the bug.

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Aug. 21st, 2009

My father is easily the best cook I've ever known. He didnt really start cooking until he divorced my mother which was about 15 years ago now. He has some pretty lofty cooking goals, meaning he wants to open a restaurant or at least get paid well for his cooking services sometime in the future.

My boyfriend also has dreams of being in that business except he wants to focus more on his own bar. Both men are very business savvy, personable, intelligent and good at what they do. They both would obviously employ me to work in said bar and grill and theyve both talked about their goals individually with me. The only problem is that after waiting tables and bartending for years now I fucking hate the food service industry.

Since the economy is so crummy and nobody has any money, a lot of restaurant chains are offering super cheap deals via coupons or specials or promotions. Its driving business but its bringing in low income clientele who really have no dining etiquette, manners or simple knowledge of the world outside the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

For instance, it was near closing time and a family of six came into the restaurant (which is a gripe of mine in its own). The mother was white, very cheaply dressed and naturally fucking obese. The husband was black, very small-framed and wirey and their two young children were mixed. I live in a more middle-class area, but we're close to Trenton so this family set-up is common. Now before I get my ass chewed out for being racist and judgemental let it be known that I judge everyone equally. I immediately size people up based on whether or not theyre going to tip and, sorry boys and girls, these ain't the type of people who tip.

So I greet the table and try to take a drink order and the woman very aggressively asks me if Gatorade was an option. Fucking Gatorade. Now, I've become professional enough to know when a good "what are you fucking retarded?" attitude is needed when dealing with certain customers. But it was late so I just said no. Then she asked me if our restaurant carried Mountain Dew. I rudely rattled off our soda options and she ordered something. Problem something obese people drink a lot of. Like lard.

The rest of the experience was typical. They ordered way more food than they needed or could afford and fucked me on the tip. The reason I hate waiting on tables like this is obviously because I don't make money off them so having to deal with these trashy idiots doesnt even pay off. Not to mention they try to build their dinners around what they have in their own fridges, when that's obviously not the way it works.
I still can't believe she fucking asked for Gatorade. Its the only motivation for me to do anything with my life. I dont know how people wait tables into their sixties. I'd fucking stab somebody.
I'm studying film (finally!) and I work at Chili's. Let it be known that I would proudly get obese off Chili's food until I'm dead of diabetes. Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas, God help me.

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